Our Value Proposition And Service Commitment

The Traditional View Of

What We Do

I represent companies
I sell products
I sell you what
I think you need
I get paid for what I sell you

Our View Of

What We Do

I represent you
I provide a service to you
I help you make informed decisions
You pay me for the service we deliver

You + Me

Your Financial Plan

Our Proposition To You

We believe that financial planning should be all about what you want in terms of your financial future.

That’s why, at Randsure, we help our clients build a financial plan that is designed to achieve their goals. Our aim is to provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions.

We offer tools and advice that will help you create, grow and preserve your wealth for you and your dependents.

Our Commitment To You

In delivering service to you, we will:

  • Act in your best interests, not ours.
  • Provide you with all the appropriate information to make the right decisions regarding your financial goals and objectives.
  • Help you develop a structured financial plan that is aligned with your goals and based on your decisions.
  • Fully inform you of any costs or risks associated with any of the solutions or alternatives we may propose to you.
  • Regularly review your financial plan with you to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate in terms of your goals and objectives.

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We are experienced and qualified.
We are independent.
We aim to satisfy your interests, not ours.
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