The national lockdown and ongoing restrictions on movement, socialising and work have shaped our lives and health for the past few weeks. Keeping psychologically strong can be a key factor in how we are able to build resilience to endure the uncertainty of this time.

While there are many strategies to help you find balance in this time,here are some key things and resources that can support your mental wellbeing.

  • Goals. You need to keep on moving. Creating goals and plans for the future can keep you engaged and lessen the “learned helplessness” of depression. Practical ways to set goals could be by creating a vision board or a personal plan that you can follow. Make a list of things you want to achieve, such as learning a new skill or finishing a project.
  • Control. Even in a hurricane that you can’t control, you can still find things within your space that you can control. Setting a routine for yourself is a key way of taking control, which you can do by writing
    one up or using alarms during your day to remind you.
  • Self-care. Lockdown is likely to change your routine so it is important to still take care of yourself psychologically and physically, even if that is an adjustment. Practice relaxation techniques, or learn how to
    meditate. Find ways to keep active at home.
  • Information regulation. Carefully choose the amount, frequency and time of the information you consume, whether this is from the news, social media, or your personal circles. This means that while you
    should still be informed, you should do so in ways that are constructive and manageable.
  • Support networks. While the lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic are likely to bring up emotional and psychological challenges, many of these are being faced similarly by a lot of people. Reaching out to existing or new tools and resources can improve your experience significantly.

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