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Planning your future financial security should not be taken lightly. Our intention is to make your journey one that ends in financial independence, especially because the path can be so strongly determined by simple consistency. With the right amount of experience, a firm grasp of the latest technology and a personal, hands on approach, our goal is for you hold the key to financial freedom.

How your life has happened doesn’t dictate how it must be lived. It is simply a journey that you are on. Everything that you have experienced along the way has brought you to this point, and dictates the road you will take from here on out.

Not only do we fundamentally understand this, but it has formed the premise of what Randsure is built on. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey, or a long way down the path, our specialised team will help you set a firm financial focus and guide you as your journey continues, specifically focussing on your retirement and estate planning.

Should you be of the Islamic faith, we have a dedicated Muslim team who understand that your earnings must always remain wholesome and pure. We will guide you with your Shari’ah Investments and estate planning to ensure that your journey is sustained and nourished by that which is Halaal.

We believe that your savings are the first step on your journey to your future – we apply expert, large scale, corporate savings principals to your investments, whilst still maintaining the personal, hands on approach of a small firm.

About Our Founding Member Khalil Sungay

Randsure’s founding member Khalil Sungay has a legal background as Principal Estates Examiner in the Masters Office, Supreme Court, and has served in various positions within the Justice Department. He is an entrepreneur at heart and has started Financial services powerhouse, Randsure Insurance Brokers 25 years ago. At present he is a Director in Randsure Insurance Brokers  and 4Union Short term Brokers and Administrators. At present he also serves as Deputy Chairman of the Financial Intermediaries Association’s Transformation Board.

He is passionate about creating opportunities for new black entrants in his sector and has taken younger individuals into full time employment as well as becoming entrepreneurs within the financial services industry.

Having served on the executive bodies of various professional and community organisations, Khalil Sungay has gained the respect of many colleagues, clients and peers in his field and business front and has received many professional accolades and quality awards.

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